India has no choice yet in Sri Lanka

The political crisis in Sri Lanka is in discussion. Foreign media is watching China joining this crisis. But the Chinese media has criticized such reports.

Chinese media say that China and India are “immense possibilities” of enhancing cooperation in Sri Lanka.

On October 29, China’s Foreign Ministry had said that China has friendly relations with all parties present in Sri Lanka. He also said that China “adheres to the principle of non-interference in internal issues of other countries”.

The Ministry has expressed hope that all the concerned parties will resolve the differences through dialogue.

‘Collaborate, not competing’

Southeast Asia researcher Long Zingchun wrote an article in the Guaa News website that runs from Shanghai. In this article he wrote in detail about the history of political rivalry in Sri Lanka. At the end of the article, he talked about the role of China.

Long wrote, “The international media is showing Sri Lankan internal conditions as a conflict between pro-China and pro-India forces, but this is not the truth.”

“Whether Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka or Ranail Vikramasinghe, the relationship between China and Sri Lanka will remain good.”

In the meanwhile, China’s official newspaper Global Times has also written to analysts, “This small country of South Asia is going through a phase of political change, in this way, India and China should think about enhancing cooperation in Sri Lanka. , Rather than compete to increase the effect there. This will benefit the three countries. ”

The newspaper writes that in last few months China and India’s relations have been better.

The newspaper has also printed the statement of Sioux Fong. Fong is researching at the National Strategy Institute of Tsinghua University of Beijing. In this case, he says, “The news that the foreign media is going to be shown, the truth is the opposite. China is not trying to push India out of Sri Lanka, but rather to increase cooperation for India and China in Sri Lanka. There are immense possibilities. ”

Says Associate Research Fellow Leo Shi Shui, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “It is understood that by becoming the Prime Minister of Rajpak, Sri Lanka will turn away from India and will come closer to China, this thinking is absolutely baseless.”

Although Global Times has written from Lao, “Rajapakse will do the same which will be right for the people of Sri Lanka.” Keeping synergies in relations with China and India is also beneficial for Sri Lanka. ”

‘India’s concern is justified’

In another article, Global Times writes that India’s concern about the return of Rajapakse is “can be understood”, because at the time of Rajapakse, China had made a lot of investment in the development of Sri Lanka’s infrastructure. With the return of Rajapaksa, China’s investment can increase again in such schemes.

It also states that India has little effect on Sri Lanka. However, India can not put pressure on Sri Lanka to refuse to invest in China.

The newspaper has written, “If India wants to maintain its presence in Sri Lanka, then it should work together with China.”

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