Lahore-Kashmir bus service: Will India dispute between China?

India has opposed the introduction of passenger bus service on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPAC). The private bus service between the two countries will begin on Saturday.

A passport, a visa and a return ticket will be required for this bus journey from Lahore to Lahore to Kashgar, Pakistan. Booking of stamps has started.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has said in protest against this bus service, “We have registered a protest against the proposed bus service through Pakistan administered Kashmir, China and Pakistan.”

India has said that the border agreement in 1963 is illegal and that such a bus service through Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir will be a violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Sable Das Gupta, senior journalist in Beijing, says, “Pakistan China Economic Corridor passes through India-administered Kashmir and this is the basis for India’s opposition. India considers Pakistan administered Kashmir as its share and whenever there is any work in this part India has objected to it. “

But will India’s opposition affect China? Says China Leader Specialist Swaran Singh, “India is the largest and most important neighbor of China, it is also true that Pakistan is a very special friend of China. It is very possible that India’s opposition is not very much affected. But it is not that India’s opposition will not be heard. “

Says Swaran Singh, “India considers India to be administered Kashmir as its share, so its protest is right, this bus service is against the policy of not doing construction work at any of its disputed places in China.”

China to recognize India’s opposition

Sable Das Gupta explains, “The question of Indian opposition to the bus service was raised by Indian journalists at the Press Conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in response to which China was told that we do not know about any such service or objection. Has also said that such an objection will not affect India’s relations with China. “

“It is clear from this that China does not want to be directly involved with India in this matter, but if China stops this bus service then it will be a humiliating situation for Pakistan,” Gupta said.

But if China completely eliminates India’s opposition, will it be an insult to India?

Says Swaran Singh, “It will be an insult to China instead of India, because it will be against its own declared policy.”

Says Lion, “There is a dispute between India, Pakistan and China as well as the land.” The three countries accept this controversy, until the dispute is completely eliminated. . “

“The issues related to Kashmir are important for both India and Pakistan, because they take emotional form,” says Singh, if the issue of bus services continues, then it can reach diplomatic tension. “

At the same time, Pakistan has not responded to India’s opposition.

Bus service will also be important for China

Sable Das Gupta says, “It does not seem that China will stop this bus service but will try to do something to reduce the opposition of India. This bus service will be equally important for China as much as for Pakistan, because China wants to showcase its manufacturing potential through its One Belt One Road Initiative. “

“China is working under this scheme in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, but if its most successful story can come from anywhere, it is Pakistan because most of the work is going on in Pakistan, if the road between Pakistan and China But if the bus does not work, then it will be a shock for China too.

Will this private bus service be successful?

On this, Sable Das Gupta says, “The movement of people between the two countries has increased, in which part of China it will be settled, Pakistanis have filled them, they do many kinds of work there. Similarly, Pakistan with one belt forest road The number of Chinese people has increased in part, they work on this project here. “

The Chinese infrastructure in the areas adjacent to the Chinese border has also accelerated the development of infrastructure.

Gupta says, “There are electricity lines in this area, power plants are being developed and China is investing 60 billion dollars in Pakistan, a big part of this investment is being implemented in the border sector.”

Gupta says, “This bus service will prove to be very successful as the need for traffic is increasing in this area and people have to make an expensive trip to the plane. Thousands of people are coming in between the two countries, these bus services will be successful for them. Will prove. “

But earlier such experiment done in 2005 proved unsuccessful. Pakistan’s tourism development department had started bus service from Pakistan’s Gilgit to Kashgar in 2005, but it was later closed.

According to BBC correspondent Haroon Rashid in Islamabad, “At that time, we also tried to travel to know the situation of this bus started from Gelgit to Kashgar, but the Chinese government did not give us visa as a journalist. That bus service has stopped. “

Rasheed says, “The new bus service is starting, it is a service of a private company and the government of Pakistan is not concerned with it. Business has increased since the beginning of the economic development between the two countries and the coming of the people This bus service has obviously started to serve the traders who have traded between the two countries, although the common people can also travel by this. “

Rashid says, “After the CPAQ project, the arrival of people has increased in Pakistan and China, so this service can prove to be successful this time.”

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