India will generate 1 MW power from solar power by 2022

India has announced to generate 175 GW of electricity by 2022.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an inauguration ceremony of the International Solar Energy Agreement (ISA) in New Delhi, “India has brought a plan to announce 175 GW of electricity in the next five years and it will produce 100 GW of electricity produced from solar power.”
Indian prime minister Modi said, “We have succeeded in producing electricity from 20 GW power power so far. In terms of electricity being extracted from traditional sources in India, renewable energy will be made for the source of additional power generation.
Government will give light access to 70 lakh students through ‘Saurya Study Light Scheme’. The purpose of ‘Atal Jyoti Scheme’ was to organize the lights on the Indian road and it would succeed in the help of solar energy.
Prime Minister Modi said, if the solar power has been added to other areas in the technology, this will make electricity demand of the country more productive.
Prime Minister Modi said that the government has secured two billion rupees worth of US dollars in the past three years by sharing 28 billion LED bulb and 4GW electricity. Apart from this, this scheme has prevented the formation of three million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
India was informed that India will bring about 27 billion US dollars worth 27 billion dollars in various 15 developing countries.

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