Google reveals being a cancer-friendly search engine for China

Google has informed a staff employed in the company developing Google’s search engine search engine (Control) rules. Human rights activists have opposed this task.
About eight years ago, Google was sent out of China for being censored and hacked. But, in the case of not being named, those employees are now working in the project named ‘Dragonfly’. This project is being processed for filtering some of the topics you have searched for. According to the source, it is preparing to test it on the internal network of the company.
According to those employees, the US media has expressed concern over the company on Wednesday, publishing news about it. According to this huge company of technology sector, signing a million dollar agreement with American soldiers this year, thousands of employees working on the company were angry. But this agreement was not renewed.
“The staff has expressed concern over the company. Some people are very insane, ‘said the source. One of the spokeswriters of Google did not want to tell about this project. ‘We are making multiple mobile apps in China, such as Google Docs and Files.
We are also helping Chinese manufacturers and invest well in China’s company like Jade Dot, “said Spokesperson Taj Mizzo. ‘But we are not in any position to comment on future plans.’
The Internet website first published the news about Google’s project. This project is affiliated with Google’s support on Google’s Android operating system search app used on mobile.
According to the interface, words like human rights, democracy, religious and peaceful demonstrations fall into a blacklist. This app recognizes and filters the websites that are blocked by China’s Great Firewall.
Citing two people aware of this plan, the New York Times has said that the company’s proposal is not to say that China’s Chinese authorities started to look at Google’s launch. Amnesty International has urged Google to correct its perception. “If Google accepts strict harsh sensescase rules, it will be black on Internet freedom,” says the release released by Patrick Pune.
Recently China, Facebook and The New York Times newspaper websites are banned. In 2010, after the controversy of sensor and hacking Google closed its search engine from China. However, in Google’s other project in China, 700 people are employed

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