Arrested 203 kilograms of Gandhis, 6 arrested

Joint team of District Police Office, Mawanavanpur and Laguna Council Control Bureau has arrested 6 people including 203kg of Gandhana on separate incidents based on special information.
An Indian and a Nepali vehicle have been found in the village of Tharparkar. Police arrested two Indian bowlers carrying 115 kg of Gandhiji, including 4 people from Makranpur district, Makranpur district, with 4kg of 72kg of 72kg and white fisher picked up in white bollero pickup, Na 3 Cha 4762, from 115 miles to 115 kilograms of Gandhisam from Makwanpur to India.
Padma Halal Thakuri, 58, of Dhiradhi Municipality-3 of Sirha district, Suresh Mahto of Sirha district of Sirha district, Andhi villagepalika-2, and the Makspur district of Raxirang village in the district of Manipur district-9. Krishna Bahadur Mokkan of 42, who lives in -1
Among the arrested, Padma Halal Chakuri, who has been arrested in the past four years, has opened illegal trafficking in various parts of Makwanpur district and has been illegally working towards India. The recovered recovered grains have been opened during the investigation conducted by Siraha district to India from Nepal-India border.
The driver, who was arrested, was arrested during the preliminary investigation of the police, who was also raped by illegal drug trafficking, Ganesha Mokkan in various places of the district and collected Ganesha and Cheras from various places in the district.
Likewise, in the Bolokoro pickup of N3-F 4762 picked up a floral plate in Makupur from Maharashtra to India and Dinesh Magar of Sindhuli district, Kamalai Municipality -12, along with 115 kg of Gandhiji, and 31-year-old Gyan Bahadur Budhassali, Hetauda Sub-municipality-11 of Sindhabhulech Municipality-7, Sindhupalchok district-Saraswati Chok They are arrested.
Police said that the Dinesh, who was arrested, was involved in the process of drug abuse in Overseas.
According to the spokesperson of the District Police Makwanpur, District Investigator Madukumar Thapa said that 6 arrested persons were investigating and prosecuting according to the Drug Control Control Act 2033.

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