Talking about the ‘identity card’ on boarder raised at the conference of Think tank

The Think tank conference of two countries of Nepal and Bharatibi has been completed. It was discussed about Nepal’s security situation, state of development, relations between two countries, China’s interest, border security, businessmen, contractual agreement, and agreement. In Nepal and India, the enlightened sections (think tank) have assumed their views. Everyone is interested in security sensitivity.
In that program, the retired soldiers of both countries have also participated. They have given different arguments. Some have made Nepal’s Border Security Challenge for India. In Nepal, it is said that Nepal should still be sensitive, if anyone should monitor the border.
It has also got to arrange for the identity card on the boarder. Rajan Bhattarai, who is heading the third session, is also a member of the CPN-UML leader. He considered the Nepal-India boundary certificate.
Talking about security dilemma management in geopolitics, he said, “Why should not the identity card be signed by the buses or other means, if the passenger is to travel to India by going to the airport?” My government needs to arrange it.
Bhattarai has said such an idea that there is a discussion of arrangements for arrangement of Nepalese border border for border security. After raising questions about the identity card, Madanesh political scientist and ex-ambassador Vijayantana, Rajan Bhattarai gave the answer.
Meanwhile, the researcher Dr. Nihar Nayak, Institute of Defense Studies and Analogy, an institution studying the security of India, claimed that India had not made a ban on Nepal. He claimed that Nepal will not be able to say that it is illegal to see the failure of the Birgunj-Raksulak Nakka in different parts of Nepal.
He had claimed that Nepal-India relations could be somewhat fierce due to various reasons, but it was wrong to accuse Nepal of blocking of India.

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