Employment of 2 lakh people over India due to cheap Chinese goods, huge loss to the economy

With the import of cheap Chinese goods, not only the country’s economy is getting irreparable losses of millions of rupees every year, but lakhs of jobs are also going on. With the import of only solar panels, the employment of two lakh people in the country has ended. These findings are from the Standing Committee on Commerce of the Parliament headed by Naresh Gujral of Shiromani Akali Dal, which he has given in his report on ‘Impact on Indian Industry of Importation of Chinese Goods’. The report says that the committee condemns import of cheap goods from China.
It is very sad that in the name of ‘Is of doing business’, we are very keen to give Chinese goods a place in our market while the Chinese government is very cleverly protecting its industry from Indian competitors. The committee found that institutions such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) are also issuing certificates of poor Chinese goods, while our exports allow the Chinese government to enter the Chinese market only after very late and after charging a lot of fees.
Parliamentary committee has expressed concerns over the decreasing jobs in the country due to import of more quantity from China. Due to the dumping of Chinese solar panels, two lakh jobs in the country have ended. In order to rein in the cheap imports, he has asked the Directorate of Anti Dumping and Allied Duties to implement the suggestions properly.
By 2011-12, India exported solar panels to Germany, France, Italy. But China’s dumping has stopped the export of solar panels from India. Solar panels imported from China contain hazardous chemicals like antimony, which should not be allowed to import.
Manufacturing faltering, trading increased
due to more imports from China, there is a crisis of business becoming a country of merchants. Due to higher imports from China, domestic factories are either cutting their production or completely shutting down. The committee has said that it does not want to see the country’s small and medium businesses and industry ending in the country. In addition to solar panels, industries like steel, textile, firecrackers, bicycles, toys and medicines have also been harmed by Chinese goods.
Twenty percent growth is rising from China,
which is the reason why the trade deficit with China in 2017-18 has grown to $ 63 billion, compared to $ 51 billion last year. During the last ten years our exports to China have increased by $ 2.5 billion, while imports are $ 50 billion. While 11.6 percent of our total imports in 2013-14 was from China, in 2017-18 this has increased to 20 percent. In 2013-14, the growth rate of imports from China was 9%, which has now increased to 20%.

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