China tells to tackle Indian army in Doklaam 

In a book published by China’s Foreign Ministry, it has been said that China resolved the alleged encroachment of Indian soldiers in peace and diplomatic manner in Doklaam.

The Chinese government has counted in its six major diplomatic achievements in the year 2017 to tackle the alleged encroachment of Indian Army in Doklaam.

Official Review ‘China Foreign Affairs 2018’ published by China’s Foreign Ministry’s Planning Planning Department, in year 2017, official review of China’s diplomatic steps and China’s view of the world has been published.

The second chapter of this book focuses on China’s diplomacy. In this, six major successes have been mentioned in the Xi Jinping Government’s last year’s diplomacy.

Explaining the sixth success, it said, “China resolved the encroachment of Indian Border soldiers in peacefully and diplomatic ways in their Dongland area. In this way, while maintaining its regional harmony, China also ensured that China-India relations go in the right direction.

What was the dope conflict?

It is noteworthy that the China Docalm area gives it its share while giving the name Dongland, while Bhutan considers it its right. During the year of July-August 2017, the Indian and Chinese forces in front of Sikkim border sector were facing face-to-face for more than two months. This stalemate began when Indian troops stopped the construction work of the Chinese army in this area.

The concern of India is that if China continues to build a road in Dokalm, it will be easier for him to stop the rest of India’s reach till the north-east part. After two months of deadlock, China finally stopped building construction there. Then it was considered India’s big diplomatic victory.

Defender of Globalization of Communist China!  

In this book, the first achievement of the year 2017 is to prepare the ‘blueprint’ of President Xi’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative and to organize a Belt and Road Forum in May 2017. As another achievement, it has been said that during this time China has emerged as the defender of globalization in the world.

The book covers the 20th round of border talks in Delhi in December in major diplomatic events of the year 2017 . In the book, the agreement has been mentioned after the border talks between the Indian NSA Ajit Doval and the then Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, in which both the countries’ to increase communication and coordination and to maintain peace and stability on the border, Needed to solve a proper way “was emphasized.

In the book, two major risks towards the Chinese side are shown as Rohingya Masale of Myanmar’s Rhein Province and the so-called delicate relationship of Indo-Paki.

It has also been said in the book that Indo-US ties in South Asia are on the rise and due to Trump’s “free and open India-Pacific tactics”, the US has increased its strategic partnership with India and it has made India a bigger in Afghanistan Encouraged to play the role

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