India is working on the latest missile system in the wake of China

India is working on a major defense project with the aim of making air security impermeable. (File photo)
India is working on a major defense project with the aim of making air security impermeable. (File photo)
New Delhi: India is working on a major defense project, with the aim of making air security of almost all major cities of India including Delhi and Mumbai impermeable. This is what the defense establishment sources said. The official said, the purpose of the project is to make our sky impermeable. According to sources, India is monitoring the US National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System Two to strengthen its missile capture. In the last few years, China has increased its air power significantly and sources said that the government is committed to enhancing the capacity of the Indian Air Force like its own anti-national countries.
The government is procuring many types of air security systems from US, Russia and Israel, including missile, launchers and command and control units. Apart from this, the project is deploying missiles developed in the country.
S-400 Air Defense missile system of Rs 40 thousand crore
India is buying the S-400 Triumph Air Defense missile system from Russia at a cost of 40 thousand crores to strengthen the air security system. By the end of this year, the agreement between the two countries is likely to be signed.
Many cities including Delhi will get safety cover
A senior army official said, “In view of the security situation, missile armor is being strengthened in the national capital and many other cities. The procurement of missile systems, radars and weapons is part of this initiative. “There is talk of purchasing spare parts of air defense systems including missile, radar and drone and combat helicopter from the US.
Special these too
– America has approved the sale of 22 sea Guardian drones to India at a cost of US $ 2 billion
– For the first time, America is selling a drone to a country which is not a member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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