China and Nepal pay more attention on public life

On the morning of July 29, the Chinese NGO International Exchanges Promotion Association and Nepalese Society and Charity Committee jointly convened a meeting to discuss the cooperation of areas such as education, poverty eradication, medical, disaster prevention and relief.

In the meeting, Chu Rei, Secretary-General of the International Exchanges Promotion Association, said that it was the first time discussions on projects related to public life by the social organizations of China and Nepal.

Nepali women, child and social philanthropy minister Tham Maya Thapa high level evaluation of the achievements achieved in China’s economic and social development in these years.┬áHe said that different sections of Nepal need to learn more from China’s developmental experiences.

It is worth mentioning that after discussions, China and Nepal signed 13 cooperation documents or memoranda on education, health, agriculture, women, youth employment training, etc. related to many public life areas.

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