5th anniversary of belt and road, great success in transport interconnection

This year is the 5th anniversary of the introduction of belt and road proposal. On July 26, the Chinese Ministry of Transportation said that in these five years, the success of the transport and interconnection of the belt and road was achieved. There has been considerable progress in the area of ​​railways, highways, sea transport and civil aviation.

Railway-Mombasa Port-Nairobi Railway, Adisababa-Djibouti Railway etc., construction of railways abroad has been promoted to cross-railway construction of China-Laos, China-Thailand etc. The initial work of China-Nepal Railway started and communication and cooperation mechanism has been established between the two government departments. The operation of the China-Europe Block Train has been successful over 9000 times.

Highway- Construction of major projects like Karachi-Lahore Expressway and Karakoram Highway Phase II, China-Russian Heihe Highway Bridge, were started under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Six transport facilitation agreements have been signed with countries like Uzbekistan and Turkey, which has resulted in the total number of relevant agreements reaching 18. The number of international passenger and cargo transport lines reached 356. The level of cross-border road transport facility is continuously improving.

Marine Transport – China signed shipping agreements with three countries. The total number of bilateral and regional shipping agreements has reached 47 and 47 countries have been covered. Participated in the construction and operation of 42 ports of 34 countries including the Piraius port of Greece, the Hambantota port of Sri Lanka and the Gwadar port of Pakistan. Shipping services cover all coastal countries of the belt and road. China’s marine interconnection index remains number one in the world.

Civil aviation- Air transport agreements with 8 countries and territories were signed. 403 new international routes were developed. At present Bilateral and Road 62 countries have signed bilateral inter-governmental air transport agreements. Direct flights with 43 countries have been started.

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