Smack’s consignment caught on the India-India border

Bahraich Drunk business is spread over large scale in India’s Nepal Border Rupedehi area. In order to eliminate the black magic of the world of intoxicants, the Police and SSB of Rupedehi police station are alive alive under the supervision of the 24-hour border. In spite of this, all the vicious criminals involved in the drug business are being successful in hiding their missions somewhere. In the same sequence, during the joint checking campaign conducted by the police of SSB and Rupedehi police station, under the supervision of India’s Nepal Border, the arrest of three vicious smugglers, including a scam of Rs 75 lakh and a smack of Rs 70 lakh, was carried out. .
Border Police officials told that the informant had received information that the drug smuggled through the border was going to be smuggled. The information that was alerted on the alert, the SSB team posted on the border searched a smuggler, In the medical bar, 50 grams of smack was tied to Nepal to carry it. The value of the smack recovered is estimated to be around 70 lakh rupees. The smuggler who came in the district has been identified as Shami Ahmed, an old market resident of Nanpara area. On the other hand, two smugglers have been deployed with nearly one and a half kilograms of charas brought to Nepal from India, whose international price is estimated to be around 75 lakh rupees.
SP rural Ravindra Kumar Singh told that the Police team of Rupedeha police station has recovered nearly one and a half kg of charred smuggled goods from Nepal near Babganj Chowki of the police station adjacent to Indo-Nepal border. Whose price is about 75 lakh rupees in the international market. These large consignments of drunk were recovered from the possession of two vicious notorious smugglers at the time when they were in the foreclosure to bring it to Nepal’s other parts and send them to other parts of the country. It is being told that the smugglers have been recovered from Lucknow, Lucknow , Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Shimla, and other major cities in the city, when the police took them to the police station. During the search on the same border, the SSB has recovered 70 grams of smack from a smuggler and it has been estimated around Rs. 70 lakhs in its international market. SSB recovered the smack with smuggler at the time when it was about to take intoxicant items from India to Nepal. The smuggler, which was recovered during checking, handed over the smuggler SSB team to Rupedehi Police, which is why the police is engaged in interrogation.

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