Pakistan: Imran’s First Choice China, India is Last

Following the victory in Pakistan’s general election, Imran Khan, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, presented the draft of foreign policy in his first address on Thursday. In this, Imran’s first choice was China while India last.
During the address, Imran promised to make a new Pakistan. After this, talks on relations with China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and America. While taking the name of India the most later. During this time Imran talked about learning from China, while advising India on lesson. Emraan said while singing the Kashmir Raga that India and Pakistan can resolve this issue only through dialogue.
Looking for a better relationship with India
Imran called the Kashmir issue a big problem. He said that it is necessary to solve this issue. I want relations with India to be better and move forward with it. Imran said, I am sorry that the media of India showed me such as I am a villain of a Bollywood movie. He said that I think that if Pakistan-India relations are better then it would be good for us. He said that India will move one step, we will move two steps.
Decide to become prime minister
It has been decided to become Imran Khan’s prime minister. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, is looking to emerge as the largest party with an increase of 120 seats (98 seats). While the main rival Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has been keeping an edge on the 65 (49 seats won) seats. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is leading in 44 seats and the other has made an edge over 17 seats.
Read ten things of Imran’s address:
1. Jinnah’s Dreams Pakistan
He said that he wants to create the dream of Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah as Pakistan’s dream. He said that now I have got the chance that I will do the work which I went to do 22 years ago. He said that I came in politics because it started coming down while the country went up. I want our country to be bigger again.
2. I will stay in a small house
Imran said that our government will have simplicity. The elected leaders here spend money on themselves. The people of taxpayers are spared from money. I will protect the money of the country’s tax. Our government will decide what to do with the governor’s house. It will be run in school or used for some other work of the public. I will stay in a small house
3. Finish Corruption
Imran said that I will prove that my government is not against anybody. Action will be taken against those who break the law. The beginning of responsibility will start with me. Corruption is eating this country. The law will be one for everyone to eliminate it.
4. Talk about the development of children and women
Imran said that Pakistan became such a country where it could stand with a weak one. They are sick of our 45 per cent children. They are victims of malnutrition. Women of our country do not get better health services. We want to make such a plan which can develop the people here. The identification of a country is not how the rich lives there. His identity is that how happy the poor are there. Today, I want to say that all Pakistanis are united.
5. The financial condition of the government is to be corrected
Imran spoke on a deep economic crisis. He said that we have to fix the condition of the government first. Then there is a business environment. We will give an opportunity to invest in Pakistan who can stay invested here.
6. Severe Economic Crisis
The $ 300 billion Pakistani economy is facing a serious crisis. At this time Pakistan has a heavy debt burden. The balance of imports and exports has become worse than the extent. According to Pakistan’s Central Bank report, Pakistan’s current account deficit has reached $ 14.03 billion in the first 10 months of the current financial year. The new government will once again have to go to the IMF like in 2013. In 2013, IMF had provided financial assistance of $ 6.7 billion to Pakistan. Pakistan has been in the refuge of the International Monetary Fund since 1988 till now.
7. Will solve the problem of unemployment
Imran said that our country is the second young country in the world. There is a problem of unemployment in front of us. We will solve it. We will run Pakistan like this, as previously did not.
8. Speak also on foreign policy
PTI chief Imran said that there will be special emphasis on foreign policy. We want our relationships with neighboring countries to be good.
9. China: We have a lot to learn from China. We will try to identify the Chinese model to eradicate poverty. China has eliminated corruption, we will learn from them in this context. Apart from this, he said that the people of Afghanistan have faced the biggest problems in the world. We will try to make the atmosphere of peace there. We want to have a situation that our boundaries are open to both countries.
10. America: Our relationship with America is better. We want a relationship that can balance the two countries. Apart from this, he said on Saudi Arabia that Saudi Arabia stands with us. We will try his every possible help.

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