Better China India will boost BRICS cooperation: India scholar

The 10th Summit of BRICS countries is being held in Johannesburg, South Africa. What will be the impact between the China and India on the development of the BRICS system, as the two big countries achieving high economic growth in BRICS members? What is the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndian people on China’s role in the BRICS system? One with Hemant Adlakha, deputy professor of China and South-East Asian Research Center at Jawaharlal Nehru University
The theme of the current 10th BRICS Summit organized in Johannesburg is “BRICS in Africa: Inclusive growth in the fourth industrial revolution and the quest for equal prosperity”. In discussing this, Professor Hemant said that China is the most representative representative of the fourth industrial revolution, which has achieved tremendous achievements. Now China is delivering the benefits of its development to BRICS members, even the whole world.
In the thought of Professor Hemant, China has played a leadership role in areas such as unity and friendly movement in BRICS countries. Remember that in the beginning of the establishment of BRICS Western developed countries were skeptical of China. He believed that China would work arbitrarily in the BRICS organization. But ten years have passed. The BRICS is continuously expanding to better development. It is clear from the fact that China is playing the biggest role in the development of BRICS cooperation.
In the last 10 years, the BRICS system is growing steadily, which is growing unity, cooperation, equal development among developing countries. The remarkable thing is that the establishment of BRICS Neo Development Bank has benefited the members of this organization and various developing countries, especially India.
In the thought of Professor Hemant, in the BRICS system two big forces and budding economic communities, whether there is economic business cooperation between China and India over the years, or humanitarian exchanges, or even high level of movement, The stairs of the continuous increase are climbing. There have been many meetings between the two leaders of the two countries, which have a strong foundation in the development of China-India relations. Last year, the trade volume between China and India reached US $ 84 billion, which is a record in history. It can be considered an active symbol for further development of China India relations.
It is well-known that China and India are the largest population in the world, the largest developing country and neighboring countries in Asia. China and India will be able to achieve equal development by collaborating. Both countries should take steps to strengthen cooperation and co-ordination among themselves. This will give equal development to the people. Improvement and development of China-India relations, in the depth of bilateral cooperation, BRICS cooperation system will also be encouraged. This will also give opportunity to the development and progress of global developing countries.

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