Attitude: India’s troubles have increased, Bhutan is expanding closer to China

Between July 22-24, China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Koung Shuanyu made a three-day visit to Bhutan. This is the first time China and Bhutan have approached directly after the end of the 73-day period of India and China’s dispute in Dokalam last August.

There is no formal diplomatic relationship between China and Bhutan, this is the reason why it is not named in the Asian countries mentioned on China’s Foreign Ministry’s website, but from time to time, the officials here visit each other, And ambassador Bhutani Ambassador of New Delhi, New Delhi also keeps regular official talks with the ambassador.

Most reports on this tour have an important fact that the protocol has changed slightly in relation to diplomacy and the formal meeting of Koung was given the highest honor. China’s Deputy Foreign Minister held meetings with the King of Bhutan and the former King and along with Prime Minister Tsering Tobage also met Foreign Minister Damcho Dorjee.

It said in the official statement that the two countries agreed on mutual negotiations to resolve the border dispute. There was a general opinion among the countries on the border. Although the statement did not state the nature of general opinion.

In a press release issued by China’s Foreign Ministry, it was said that “To maintain peace in the border areas and to create positive conditions for the final settlement of the border issue, the two sides should continue negotiating the border unanimously . ”

Bhutani newspapers reported this meeting without informing what talks were held between the two countries.

Bhutan and China near Doklaam

Historically, there are strong cultural and economic relations between Bhutan and Tibet, but from the time of the British, Bhutanese have always been guided by India for their foreign relations. Indeed, Bhutan is completely dependent on India. Although the event of douakalam is a sign of awakening from sleep.

Bhutan does not want to see blood flowing in between between these two powerful countries. The question is how long will Bhutan continue to control its boundaries with China and will continue to accept India’s strategic requirements silently.

Docmouth is important for China because it is surrounded by three strategic weaknesses created by the Koti Valley, the same situation for India is on Chicken Neck located in Siliguri Corridor, where China is in a state of unacceptable profit, it is India from Northeast India The connecting terrain is.

It is important to bear in mind that during the Doklaam dispute in 2017, there were many such voices from Bhutan which raised questions about giving priority to India’s strategic needs regarding the Doklaam.

After this, when China canceled its annual talks with Bhutan, there were also many negative reactions. Now it is not hidden from anyone that there is a clear disagreement between India and Bhutan regarding the significance of Doklaam.

In particular, domestic pressure is increasing on Bhutan to resolve border issues with China. A lot of questions were being asked about the understanding of the strategies of the social media that reflected the vision of the younger generation, due to which the people there could have been victims of firing between India and China.

Complaints about the Chinese encroachment and the construction of continuous infrastructure on Bhaya’s cowboy border, due to this, their open movement is causing disruption and it insists on the urgency of resolving this matter with China. .

Now Bhutan is moving towards the election, so there is a possibility of an issue being raised in domestic politics.

China again back to Doklaam

Koung’s visit definitely marks a change in South Asian politics – especially in view of the Dokalam incident and the results of the three countries.

However, as there was an agreement between the two countries that the army of both the countries will retreat and there will be no construction on this triangle, the fact is that the Chinese machines and laborers have returned.

Worse, China has increased its effective occupation of even more large area of ​​Dokmal than before.

Effectively discussing the border issue with China has reduced the advantage of Bhutan’s advantage – and the question is, what message is being received by the Bhutanese authorities and the local people in the border areas. There is no doubt that after taking the Dolaam dispute, China will not go back to its current status except for minor changes in western Bhutan due to road construction activities.

China is raising pigs from Bhutan

As a small South Asian country’s engine, China is increasing its activities in the neighborhood of India, undoubtedly it is doing this construction on half the terms compared to India.

To a lesser extent, it has established a diplomatic dialogue and the decision of our neighboring countries and their friendship with China is being decided on the basis of the opposition between India and China.

There are no resources in India as China has, and which is making it capable of contributing to the development of infrastructure in South Asia – Bhutan also wants to increase its economic relationship with China – on the border of China-Bhutan There is a plan to create a special economic zone – so long as India is not able to tell its neighbors that they do not go to China – we will fulfill your needs. Until there was no effect on these activities.

This region of South Asia has undergone considerable change over the last decade – in which Chinese investment and its presence have increased a lot and all neighbors of India are reaching out to take advantage of this generosity of China.

What will be the strategy of Bhutan now?

In the end, India is the only Asian country in Asia to openly oppose Shi Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road project. China has definitely been teasing it – and they have given it an effective way.

The roads being built in Dokalam are also part of the development of its infrastructure and will be linked to BRI.

According to China’s press release, during Koung’s tour, Bhutan praised China’s development achievements and President Xi Jinping’s definitely welcomed the forthcoming ‘One Beld, One Road’ project.

In addition, Bhutan also appreciated China’s contribution in promoting world peace, prosperity and development. Bhutan said that he welcomes China to play a big role in the international arena.

Although no dramatic change on this emerging new situation should be expected in the whole issue, but the pendulum is definitely hanging towards China. In the coming elections, Bhutan will see how this trip will be introduced to its people and at the same time, it will prove to be important considering the possible benefits of China with regard to the upcoming elections.

India has its own advantages but there is a change in strategic synergy. Definitely it would not be possible to keep Bhutan separate from China directly and with formal connection or engagement

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