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In some instances, the division between western countries has begun openly. A few weeks ago, the summit between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the member states of the G7 countries held in Canada last month came to the surface. On one side partition has started showing in the US Alliance, but China has increased its influence on international level.
The Central Conference of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) held last month passed a lot of policy on China’s foreign affairs issue. XI in 2012 was the second central convention after the President. This type of conference is not normal like daily programs. There is a discussion on how the leadership has seen China’s position in the world, and the world is also known about China.
In 2014, China’s Caoope said that ‘not to show power, take time, do not attack first attack’ on the basis of a conference organized by a conference. Then the new era of China’s international activation began. The changed change focused on the current President’s Border power and a comparatively decline in American power, and China showed the understanding of the Chinese leaders, as the world’s economic power.
After 2014, China has increased its military presence in South China. Such a new Silk Road policy has transformed into the billion-billion dollar business, investment and construction plan. This is a great geo-political and economic initiative. This scheme has included 73 nations, including Eurasia, Africa and others. In addition, China has agreed to establish a new international level bank of the international monetary fund and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of the world.
China has expanded diplomatic relations in East Asia by going beyond its immediate significance. Similarly, China’s active participation in Iran’s nuclear molecule was similar to 2015. China has also launched its navy uniform in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Disneybutty, and Russia is also practicing Navy. In March, China has also established its own international development institution.
Even if the Western countries do not recognize China is making a big plan by 2014. The role of CPC for educators is much stronger than ever. President Seey realized that the party’s role in the country’s big policy discussion was very weak and raising its role has taken the policy to reinstate the party’s control over the state mechanism.
XI Western countries are in favor of ignoring history. France, who fills in liberal democratic capitalism, wants to see the Leninist kingdoms being preserved for the long term, ending ‘end of history’ in Fukuyama. This approach has been taken as ‘the principle of XI. China’s foreign policy is now moving forward.
XI thinks there are some unchanging principles in historical development that can not be diminished at any cost. The same subject was prominent in the Foreign Policy Conference in the previous month. It sounds like an ancient binocular materialistic discussion. That is it XI. Marxist – Consider Leninist beliefs as its principal ideological basis.
The emphasis on the aspirational principles of political and economic development has not been meaningless in any of the world’s events on the basis of a bipolar-materialistic world viewpoint. So if XI argues that the use of analytical theory of Marcus is now being used, the world scene has emerged in the union of change.
China’s rise is rising due to national and international reasons due to the reputation of the Western nations. Since China, ‘China is in the best outstanding development of the modern era, there are centuries of unchanging and serious changes in the world.’ “China has not even been obstacles. However, in the coincidence, those obstacles are no longer bigger than the Americans and other western countries.
This idea is concerned about how China’s foreign policy goes ahead. In such a case, a fascinating massacre state is a key concern to how the “idea” is linked to reality. This is how the system analyzes itself. What is the matter about Saila’s message to Chinese diplomats about this, is still secret.
In particular, CCP’s central conference was called to make China’s international policy-makers and diplomats to cope with the SCO agenda. The disappointment of the last plan and approach of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was why the conference was held in its presence. The first message that all the diplomats present at that conference were the first party workers of the party. Therefore, he suggested that all the workers should actively pursue their global perspective as a foreign policy.
The last change in the conference last month has pushed the world operations. In Seattle 2014, the situation in the future would be a struggle for change. But he did not explain it extensively. Although he had three concepts related to him – working on international systems, international systems and world operations.
In the Chinese language, the international system represents the United Nations, the Bretten Uday Institute, the G20 and other multilateral organizations (including China’s involvement), as well as a US-led alliance (which is not a China participant). The meaning of the ‘international system’ refers to the fake of multilateral institutions that work in keeping the boundaries of various treaty and protecting others and the sovereignty of others. And ‘World Operations’ refers to the work based on the international system.
The latest thing in CCP’s central convention is that the latest statement of China has said that China will now provide ‘Leadership to Transforming World Operations System in a fair and judicial manner.’ This is the most direct answer given to China as far as possible for its intentions. Now the world needs to be actively active in China’s international policy and prepare for a new wave of generosity.
Other international community, as China does not work in the current multilateral system. So XI would like to provide leadership to ‘Change of World Operations System’. In order to fulfill the ‘inner national interest,’ China also points out that its diplomatic activism is increasing in multilateral institutions.
Seal has told China diplomats to change the direction of China’s foreign policy in the future and change the world operations system at the center of national interest. In this context China wants more than one ‘polar’ international system. So, the impact of America and Western countries in the world decreases relatively quickly.
Now what time the international community needs the rest of the international community to come out? What future system is the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the African Union based on international law? What kind of system does America want when America is trumped or not? And, do we all collectively collect world-based beliefs based on the UN Charter, Bretton Audi and the International Declaration of Human Rights?
The international system is now liquid. China has prepared its future framework. Now the rest of the international community has also had time to prepare its draft.

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