Briefs China again showed military strength, maneuvers with Indian border

National Desk: China is once again showing India its military strength. The Chinese Army’s special force is currently conducting military exercises in Tibet near the Indian border. This is the second time in the last two weeks that the Chinese army has made military exercises in these areas. During this time, the helicopter pilot was given ground training as well as his capacity was tested in high altitude areas.
According to the official paper of PLA Daily of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), this practice was done in an area of ​​4000 meters high. An imaginary border was created here and the practice of ‘attacking the enemy’s border’ was attacked. The pilots and special force jumped to the helicopter and completed the mission together.
Let us know that on June 29, the official media had told that Chinese soldiers have gathered in Tibet and practiced in the Himalayan region adjacent to India. Sung Zhongping, the military expert of the Global Media Institute of Global Media, said that the recent military practice has made the soldiers fit to compete with India. He said that it is normal for any hypothetical opposition to any military training.
Song said, “Behind the line of enemy, attacking is an effective operation, which can be the key to winning the war. This type of practice is valuable for all the security forces. At the same time, it was reported in the Chinese media that China is going to set up an unmanned automatic observation station in Tibet near the border of Arunachal Pradesh. So that it could give weather related information to its fighter Chet and Missile Launch.

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