Proposal of citizen introduction letter on Nepal-India border

Proposal of citizen introduction letter on Nepal-India border

Naval Parsasi (Nepal) Enlightened person group (EPG) has proposed issuing a citizen introduction letter from both the Allied countries to settle the Nepal India open border. In the EPG meeting, the Indian side has proposed introduction of introduction letters for increasing terrorist activity, insecurity, insurgency, illegal trade and traffic control in the border area. There are more than 70 check points on the Indo-Nepal border, which will provide a lot of relief. The introduction of photographs of the citizens traveling in the motion will develop both the countries.
In the meeting of the Empowered Group of People (EPG) held in Nepal, EPG Nepal’s convener Dr. Bakhbahadur Thapa said that the limit for organizing the open border of India-Nepal is given by the two countries. It should also be taken care of to prevent social harmony. After the report becomes public, all of these suggestions appear to be satisfied. He told that a new post has been made in place of India border. Taking cognizance of Nepal also, a new post should also be made in the area of ​​security in its area of ​​safety. At the same time some members said that the proposal of introduction may have an impact on the daily life and cultural relations on the border, which is a matter of concern.

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