Why is the visit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin important?

US President Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki, Finland’s capital.
There are many questions about this visit between Trump and Putin.
Russia and the United States have long been opposed to one another. Russia’s involvement in the US presidential elections in 2016 has created more tension among the two countries.
Why is the tension between Russia and the United States?
Tension between the United States and Russia is the cold war (1945-1989). In this context, America and the then Soviet Union came face to face.
Two countries never came face to face in the battlefield, but during that period, there would always be war today that there would be a tomorrow. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, only after coming to America as the only world empire, tension was deplorable.
To talk today, Putin has repeatedly expressed his commitment to restore the carpet power of Russia’s Soviet Union. Along with Russia, Russia has blocked various international issues in the work of the United States.
Although the relationship between the two countries is always complicated, it declined significantly since 2014, when Russia drove Croimia from Ukraine.
After that, America and many other nations have imposed strong financial restrictions on Russia.
Many issues in the world are seen on the relationship between these two leaders. This is the reason, Russia’s alleged influence in the US 2016 elections. Although Russia has rejected it.
The American Interior Intelligence Agency, FBI, said that Russia has proved to be proof of the work that Russia has done to trump the election.
In the United States, researchers are being investigated by Russia’s special prosecutor Robert Muller in the presidential election. President Trump said that this research has been a political conspiracy.
Since receiving the President’s post in January of January 2016, Trumps are trying to improve relations with Russia and go against the traditional policies of the associated Republican party.
Last month, he advocated on the re-engagement of Russia in the G7 of the nations of the world. Russia’s former member of the group was removed from this group after the arrest of Russia.
What about the two leaders about each other?
President Trump has publicly praised President Putin publicly. In 2016, Trump had said, “Putin is a good leader than our leader (Barack Obama).”
Last year, Putin had called “a strong-minded man”.
Putin congratulated Putin, ignoring the advice of his advisors when Russia became president again this year.
However, Putin has carefully expressed his opinion about the trump. He praised Trump as a ‘Ringer’ person and ‘a very talented’ person.
What will happen between the two?
There were very few details about the conversation between the two leaders before the meeting. However, they were believed to meet each other and discuss the following issues:
Control of arms: Both leaders have expressed interest in their country’s nuclear potential on various occasions. But experts also said that this could be discussed. There is a deal called ‘new startup’ between America and Russia, aimed at limiting the ability and number of nuclear weapons of two countries. This agreement is effective by the year 2021. If something can be done about moving forward, it is considered a good sign. Two leaders can speak about a missile agreement that was implemented in 1987.
American ban: Russia has taken various financial restrictions on Russian companies and individuals after the capture of Crimea and then supporting separatists in the struggle started in eastern Ukraine. Similarly, Russia has been banned from Syrian war and interference in the US elections. If President Trump decide to discard any of these restrictions, the approval of the Congress is required. However, Russia will welcome it even if there is no more demand for restrictions.
Ukraine: America has given military support to Ukraine. Putin will be happy if President Trump pauses it. However, Russian control over such happenings and chromia is difficult to recognize American. Both leaders can agree to the presence of the International Peace Force in eastern Ukraine. Thousands of people have been killed during Ukraine’s violent struggle in this region of Ukraine.
Syria: The United States’s leading associate wants Iran and Iran supporters to stay away from Syria’s southwestern Syria. This area is near the border of Israel. Trump can also talk about this issue with Putin, but analysts do not see the possibility of Putin accepting such offer to limit Iran’s role in Syria.
Why are Trump’s helpers ally?
In a NATO summit last week, Trump had criticized Russian aggression and signed a joint statement.
To the people, Trumps have a question that they should not keep their Western Allied Nations directly in front of Putin.
According to media reports, topics related to the discussions between the two leaders will not be told to European affiliates.
After Europe’s overturned journey, Trump is being threatened with Putin’s intention to show a warm relationship.
Trump criticized the spending spent on his NATO colleagues. Even though Trump had to rely on Russia for Germany’s gas, he said that Russia is under control. Trump had criticized British Prime Minister Teresa Meli Brachit in making soft policy.
What will change from this trip?
It’s hard to say. Concerning such negotiations, it is difficult to estimate the reason why the trumps are taking place. However, American advisors have indicated that no major announcement will be made in this period.
Both leaders will talk alone. Pattin and Trump will only be accompanied by their fate during the meeting. It also has a secret.
In recent times, two countries have removed one another diplomats from the country. For the start of a wonderful relationship, both leaders can agree to improve diplomatic relations.
What does this mean for the rest of the world?
This meeting has a lot of meaning for the rest of the world. The United States and Russia have different and sometimes anti-camping camps on many issues of global influence. For example, Syria’s dispute can be taken, Ukraine, Crimea.
President Putin told the ban on western countries on Russia would be harmful to everyone.
Although compared to other countries, Western European countries will be watching this visitor closely.
They are in an uncomfortable situation. They feel threatened by Russia on one side, and on the other hand depend on Russia’s energy supply.
President Trump criticized Germany. The Russian gas access will be easy to reach the Baltic Sea by the controversial Nord Stream-II plan to Central and West Europe.
Again, this route bypasses Ukraine with the last-time relationship with Russia, but not only Baltic countries and Poland.
This is the reason why Putins and Trumps match the whole world in Helsinki on Monday.

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