China created unmanned meteorological center near Tibet near the Indian border

China has set up an unmanned automatic weather monitoring center in Tibet near Arunachal Pradesh border.
According to media reports, China has established this station in the event of war, in order to help the country’s army and weather and missiles in the weather related conditions.
According to China’s official newspaper ‘Global Times’, this center has been set up in Yumayi of Lehunj under the Shanan range of Tibet.
The statement issued by Tibet Weather Bureau said that this center will provide important weather information in terms of national security.
It has been said that besides this, it will be helpful in the development of the border and the reconciliation between the soldiers and the citizens.
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According to a technician working at the center, this station will be able to provide information about things like air temperature, air pressure, wind speed, direction, humidity and rain.
The technician said that due to its position on the border, this station will also be able to provide data related to traffic and communication in terms of national security.
The Communist Party of China had started the construction of this weather station in 2018 and it was fully prepared in the month of June.
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