Sonauli Border is becoming increasingly popular for foreign intruders

Within half a dozen infiltrators come in the catch

Maharajganj Sonauli Border of India-Nepal border is compulsory for foreign intruders. This is the reason why other illegal foreign intruders from other borders in the Nepal border use this barrier more. Exclude past events this year, about half a dozen foreigners were caught illegally entering the country.
Just a few days ago, a Chinese citizen was caught on the way to go back to China this way.

This Chinese citizen was living in Hyderabad for the past eight years and on this border, on Friday, a Rohingya couple would be crossing the SSB border. Border Intelligence officials are interrogating this couple. According to sources, since September 2017, half a dozen foreign nationals have been caught crossing the border due to lack of valid papers. In September 2017, the citizen of the country Migus Carlos was arrested. Who died just a few days ago while in prison.

Then on November 21, 2017, Narcotic Thaibault Jacques of France was caught. On April 6, 2018, the Chinese citizen was Chanlang. 2018 was caught by a Romanian citizen Poppo VC. On July 9, 2018, a Chinese citizen, Leeji was caught. Excavation officer KN Prasad said that there is a thorough investigation of foreign nationals coming to Nepal or visiting Nepal. If an illegal document is found, action is taken against them.

Sonauli may also call the Maharajganj District Collector an international jail due to foreign intruders on the border. This prison has closed 13 foreign nationals under various charges. After the death of the Dutch citizen Carlos in the past, the prison administration is now alert about foreign prisoners.

Action on SSB  who were scrambling on women

On the other hand, three personnel of SSB, stationed on Sonauli Border of Sonauli Kotwali area, have been shifted and departmental investigations have been started against them. A woman in the town against the soldiers accused of threatening to beat and beat them. This information was given by Assistant Commandant of SSB Navkumar Singh on Friday. Explain that a woman resident of the town gave Sonauli police a blatant accusation of using shocking and obscene words on SSB soldiers stationed on Sonauli Border. The police had also started investigating the matter before taking the case seriously by the authorities of SSB, on the night of the night, with the accused for hiding the said case, taking action against transfer of the other three, departmental inquiry of the case Has started.

The wife Abdul Majeed, son of the town, told Sonauli police in Tahrir that on Tuesday night, he was going to buy Belhia (Nepal) stuff from his house. At the same time, a SSB youth used obscene words while scrambling on me. On refusing, abusive behavior came down on the cheek. The woman had demanded action by giving the police justice.


input-yashoda shrivastava In 
this regard, SSN Assistant Commandant Sonauli Nav Kumar Singh said that taking the above case seriously, departmental investigations are being done by transferring the accused. Sonauli Kotwal’s inspector, Bihagad Singh said that Tahrir was found but the woman accused is satisfied with departmental action on the SSB jawans, hence the action of the police was abatement in this case.

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