India-Taiwan relations do not allow China to obstruct hinders: Taiwan

Saillesh Kumar Shukla, New Delhi After the rejection
of Air India’s official aviation company , Taiwanese name to Chinese Taipei, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Woo has said that India is a great country for them. He said that India and Taiwan are complementary to each other and it will not allow China to obstruct it. Taiwanese Foreign Ministry also said that China is not afraid of democracy and freedom.

Woo said in an interaction with NBT Online via email on this entire dispute , “India is a great country for Taiwan, which has a rich history, civilization and culture. Taiwan has been a victim of rapid economic development under the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India’s East East Policy for the Taiwan Government is complementary to its New Southbound policy. There are wonderful possibilities for cooperation between the two countries.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Wu said, “The Taiwan government will continue to work together with India for common interests and shared profit. At the same time, China Factor will not be able to obstruct relations between the two countries. We know who is our friend and who does not. India is a good friend for us. ‘
Earlier China’s official newspaper China Daily had tweeted on behalf of Air India’s decision, “Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that China praises Taiwan’s decision to change its name to Chinese Air India on its website. . He also said that change in name indicates that Indian aviation industry respects the fact that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an integral part of China.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry also responded by tweeting on this tweet on China Daily. She said, ‘shameful China Daily. Official Chinese China threatened to change Taiwan’s name to Air India, and now you are using Twitter to beat the winnings of victory. It is ironic that in China, Twitter has been banned and you have full access to its use. Do not be afraid of freedom and democracy. ‘

What is the complete dispute?
After getting the instructions from the Indian government, Air India has named Taiwan on Chinese Taipei on its website in the last days. Following this move of Air India, the economic and cultural center of Taiwan had registered a protest against this decision. Taiwan said that this move of Air India can be seen as tilting towards China’s unnecessary and redundant pressures.

Taiwan wrote to the Indian External Affairs Ministry and said that it is hoped that the Indian government can support its public and private companies for protection against foreign threat. Earlier on April 25, the Civil Aviation Administration of China had told the 34 airlines that they should tell Taiwan on their website the share of China, otherwise they will take strict action against them. After China’s move, several major airlines of the world changed the name of Taiwan.

India has defended the defense
, the Indian Foreign Ministry has defended Air India’s decision. The official sources said in an interaction with the Times of India, that this move of Air India has nothing to do with the One Chain Policy. He said, “India neither supports nor refuses any policy on China.” He said that China is pushing for ‘One China’ policy, but India has not been using this word in its joint statements since 2010 with Beijing.

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