Gold smuggled from China via Nepal! 

With three kg of gold in Nepal, arrest of three people, including a mining dealer of Tanakpur, a contractor, has stirred up the security agencies. The Nepal Police has caught the matter on Saturday. Five persons arrested in this case of gold smuggling belong to two Nepalese people including a woman. Nepal Police estimates that gold is being smuggled from China via Nepal. This is due to the fact that gold is cheaper in China.
  •  Tanakpur mining businessman, three Indians including contractor and two Nepalese arrested with three kg gold
  • Nine kg gold caught in Nepal within 48 hours
  • The ears of the Indian security agencies stood, the simple contact with Nepal
According to Nepal Police sources, about 38 quintals of gold smuggling from Nepal is reported. Alert Nepal Police has recovered around 9 kg of gold being taken illegally in separate border areas. In this order, Nepal Police had dumped five people with three kilos of gold from the Alto car (UK 02/3684) in Nagdunga, Nepal on Saturday.
In the inquiry, the accused named their name Ashok Kumar, resident of Sharda Chungi colony of Tanakpur, Mohan Lal, Ashok Kalia son, Chandramohan Joshi son Pitambar Joshi, and Deepak Maurya from Tanakpur, besides women, women Sanjana Sah and Manoj Vik, a resident of Nepal. In the inquiry, the accused have confessed to smuggling gold biscuits from Kathmandu for the fourth time in the last three months. Ashok Kumar alias Kalia contractor and the second accused Chandramohan Joshi is a mining businessman.
There is no clear information about the third accused car driver Deepak Maurya. According to the Nepal Police, he is also a resident of Tanakpur. Ashok Kumar, aka Kaliya, who was arrested has been arrested by the woman Sanjna Saha who is originally from Nepal. The fifth accused, Manoj Vich Mahendranagar is a resident of Nepal’s ward number six.
The car was kept hidden in the air filter,
said the Chief Vishwaraj Pokharel, chief of Kathmandu, Nepal’s metropolitan guard (police) campus, that the arrested smugglers had hidden the gold car’s air filter. It was being transported from Kathmandu to Mahindnagar via India. It is said that the price of gold caught is estimated to be 1.5 crore rupees (Indian currency).
Cheaper in China gold
because gold smuggled from China than India and Nepal is being touted to be the cheapest gold in China. According to experts, the wholesale price of gold in China is Rs 20 thousand, while Nepal has 60 thousand rupees (Nepalese currency) and about 32 thousand tola gold in India. In the smuggling of the people of Tanakpur, there is also a stir in Indian security agencies. Agencies contacted Nepal Police and started collecting information in this case of smuggling.
Had already been informed of information of smuggling,
then Nepal Police had already informed thesmugglers of smuggling gold from China to bring India to India. According to sources, the police and Bhasasar (custom) team of the smugglers escaped from Mahendranagar to Kathmandu. On the information of this team, the civic headquarters and Nagdhunga Naka police team seized the smugglers by siege with the siege.

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