First International Middle Way Policy Conference on Tibet-China Relationships

The Tibetans in China-occupied Tibet are being prevented from their use of ‘religion and language’, due to which the methods of living a life of youth are getting away from religion and culture. Thus Tibet’s culture will disappear between Tibetans. To keep it safe, the mid-way policy should be adopted. This policy will be beneficial for both Tibet and China countries. Now we have to spread this policy made by the 14th Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama in the whole world.

Based on this fact, the first international middle-valued policy conference organized on the medium-term policy. Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama adopted the ‘Middle Way Approach’ to see no solution in the 1974 China-Tibet dispute. In which the appeal was made to remove the middle path from China. It was said in this middle path that ‘Tibet is ready to be part of China, they should be given freedom to save their religion and language and to reach their next generation.

Middle Way policy is called Umyalam in Tibetan language ‘. Inside the policy, Tibetan organizations have kept eight point demands from the Chinese government. In order to properly harness the natural resources of their language, culture, religion, education, environment protection, Tibet, the demand for health and safety of the common man has been sought. This view is called a realistic view of the Dalai Lama.

Despite being more realistic, more than 40 years have passed, China has not given any special treatment to Tibet’s demand. Now Tibetan youth has taken the lead to reach this demand to every corner of the globe. Under which workshops have been held in the center of Dharamsala from May 26 to May 31. Tibetan youth participated in this workshop from home and abroad.

In the conference, 9 different speakers from the country and around the world held their views in connection with the Middle-Way policy against 600 Tibetan youth.

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