China and India is closer now

India and China are two major powers of Asia. These are both such powers, whose relationship has sweetness and bitterness. After a few recent incidents of violence in the border, the two countries are once again coming closer. In April, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Wuhan city of China to do an informal talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and tomorrow he will be in Qingdao city. There, Prime Minister Modi will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s meeting, in which India is joining as a full member.
Meanwhile, China did not protest against the financial action task force (FATF) to include Pakistan’s economy in the ‘Gray List’. Later, he also advised Pakistan to exclude the Mumbai attack attacker Hafiz Saeed from the country. It seems to be backing up the militarization of the islands in the South China Sea and the economic and military competitiveness of the US. The message is clear that Shi Jinping wants to move forward without any difficulty in moving ahead with the leadership of the old leadership.
India and China were not getting away from each other. In fact, in the past years, the debate had become hot that India can move forward in Asia as a force to balance China, in which it would be with America. This spirit was also making its house in India. We moved very quickly with our relationship, especially in the case of arms, the US and other western countries. Because of this, China had gone against us and she took our exams at Doka La. But now New Delhi has started to realize that the policy of ‘America First’ can not make Washington a friend like Moscow. America is also denying international agreements. Recently he has withdrawn from the nuclear deal with Iran, he has banned any type of business in Russia with defense and intelligence. The message is that he wants to put pressure on other countries, so that they can back out from mutual agreements or relationships and have a personal relationship with them. He has also warned New Delhi that he did not give up his relationship with Russia and Iran.
Pakistan is also one of the reasons for China and India’s current proximity. The US has so far not been able to fully pressure Pakistan on terrorism. In non-NATO members, Pakistan still has the status of a ‘key ally’. Pakistan’s military officers are also involved in the Central Command of Bahrain, US. While growing terrorism is an important issue for both the SCO and BRICS (the organization of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). India is fighting this, China is also concerned about it. Nearly 20 per cent of its population is Muslims. He fears that the growing influence of Islamic State (IS) in South Asia can take Pakistan and Afghanistan into its own right. If there is a basis for IS in these two countries, then the direction of terror will go in the direction of which direction it is difficult to guess.
The difficulties in handling Pakistan have also enhanced China towards India. Just like in the Pakistani month of Ramzan, Pakistan carried out the terrorist incident on Indian soil, it tells that there is a dire need to increase pressure on it. At one time China had tried it by talking to terror groups that terrorism could not flourish in its country, but now it is not possible to be seen. Perhaps that is why he has talked with India to set up a joint project in Afghanistan, which means that China wants to work together with us to stability and progress here.
It was also necessary for New Delhi to withdraw from the policy of ignoring China and ignoring it. We were going to believe that China is taking advantage of us. He is using our market very well, but instead we are not giving our market. That’s why we started to move towards other countries to make the balance. It also creates pressure on China. But in the current scenario, China can not be isolated. The matter is not just about business, we will also need it in terms of strategic and security. Because of the withdrawal from our old diplomats, we were losing friends like Russia, whose proximity began to grow from Pakistan. But the situation is still not completely bad. In the past, Prime Minister Modi was thought to be in an informal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. These two leaders will also be together in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting and in the meeting of BRICS next month. The most hopeful of this is the world.
Energy security is also an important aspect of Indo-China proximity. Now, we are heavily dependent on Iran for oil and gas. In case of petro-product, if there is any kind of restriction on the country’s third largest supplier, then we may get trapped in the energy crisis. China can help us overcome this. Both countries can think of something new together
Obviously, moving forward with China in the current global scenario is in our best interests. We have to take care of our own interests. The challenges we face are not short, to get the most out of the way to get ahead. All the bilateral and multilateral partnerships we need to do, we will have to do all we have to do. It is good that India ha

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