Mid-way policy is beneficial for China-Tibet: Dalai Lama

Religious leader Dalai Lama said in the meeting with the representatives at the International Conference “The middle path is a realistic approach. Under this policy, the Tibet issue can be resolved through dialogue. We have never demanded to divide Tibet and liberate him. ” The religious leader said that he has always been favored to solve the Tibet issue peacefully. The Prime Minister of the Exiled Tibet Government Dr. Lobang Sangya is committed to solving the Tibet issue with the Mid-Road Policy.
He said that China’s representatives were discussed many times with Tibet issue, but in 1974 we adopted the ‘Middle Way Approach’ due to no solution. The religious leader said that the ‘Middle Way Approach’ has got support all over the world. Among them are Chinese writers, journalists, researchers and ordinary people.
He said that former US President Barack Obama had also issued a statement in support of ‘Middle Way Approval’ after the meeting. After this China’s delegation had visited. He found that the Tibetan community has solidarity with the issue.

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