Does China really have run foot to Arunachal?

China’s government media has dismissed the report in which it was stated that China’s mining operations are now going to be in disputed areas with India and Himalaya can become the second South China Sea.

In a report published on June 20 in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP), a report printed that China has started mining in a big way in Hunza, where valuable minerals are found.

The Chinese media say that the report printed in SCMP is like the reports of the Indian media that work to incite sensitive issues between China and India.

In the summer last year, there was an atmosphere of tension due to the stalemate on the border between India and China. In recent years, money and labor have been widespread to develop basic infrastructure in the border areas from India and China.

New military tension with India

The report of the SCMP says that China wants to reclaim the Southern Tibet through this mining. China’s Arunachal Pradesh calls China South Tibet Heinz is in southern Tibet and tells some parts of southern Tibet also in China Arunachal Pradesh.

The report of the SCMP is titled- Chinese mining in the Himalayas threatens to create new military tensions between India and China. This report says that deep tunnels are being dug. With this, electricity was provided and an airport was also being constructed in the area.

This report also contains a quote from a professor of China University of Geoscience in Beijing. He said that the Chinese population is growing fast in the Himalayas and mining is being done.

In this area, the population will get stability and any kind of military campaign will be done in the Indian field. He said that it is the same as the South China Sea.

This report also contains a quote from a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science in Wuhan. That researcher also says that China is working on the strategy of doing the same in the Himalayas, which is what China has done in South China Sea.


Ruckus in Indian media

The report of the SCMP took the handful of India’s big media houses. In the Indian media, the news was presented with a sensational title – another collision threat, gold mining done near China’s Arunachal.

It was also said in the Indian media that Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to China for not even a month and it all started. In India’s many news websites, serious questions were raised about the relations between India and China.

The Chinese intent was also put in the editorial in Times of India’s editorial. The Times of India has written that both countries should remove their doubts regarding mining. Similarly, many newspapers and news websites gave this report a prominent place.


Unrestrained ruckus

China’s official newspaper Global Times has written that the SCMP report lacks the facts and compared it to the South China Sea. The Global Times has written that at first glance, this report was false to the Chinese. This is an attempt to crack the relations between India and China.

The Global Times has written that this report does not have to worry about India. The newspaper has written that the border dispute is to resolve the two governments and not the media. Such reports are used to incite public relations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry says that it has taken cognizance of the SCMP’s report. Although the Ministry of External Affairs has also said that the area mentioned in the report of the SCMP is completely the territory of China.

The Ministry has said, “China regularly does research work in its locality. It comes under our sovereignty. We hope that the media will not make these issues sensational. ”

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