Not religious freedom in China, difficult situations for Buddhists and Christians: report

A US State Department report raises questions about religious freedom in China. It has been described as a country facing problems in religious freedom.

A top US diplomat today said that China remains a troubled country in the case of religious freedom and conditions for Tibetan Buddhists will remain difficult. Sam Brownbach, US Ambassador of International Religious Freedom, told reporters during a press conference here: “Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, and Falun Gong followers have very difficult situations. In the case of religious freedom, China remains a very troubling country. “According to the Annual Report of the State Department on International Religious Freedom, Chinese officials have been hiding information related to the number of Tibetan Buddhists, including Buddhist monks who self-styled. However, six incidents of self-destruction have been reported in the media. In addition to this, one person committed suicide in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) after cutting his throat.

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