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From Pakistan, terrorists are using state-of-the-art telecopic stairs to infiltrate the Indian border. Border Security Force has recovered such a ladder during the foil of infiltration in the Keran sector. On Thursday, when security forces started firing on the intruders, they left their luggage and fled. When the security personnel examined their belongings, there was a ladder in which the length could be extended according to need. These stairs are helpful to infiltrators by infiltrating the wire fencing on the border. The security forces are investigating this ladder.

India wants peace, Pakistan should stop sending terrorists to Jammu Kashmir: Army Chief

Helpful in fencing
– This staircase is useful for crossing barbed fences, drains, bushes and climbing hills.
Aluminum staircase is strong but weight is low. So it is easy to take it somewhere.

Telescopic Staircase
– This is a telescopic extension ladder that can be kept in a small bag.
– Stairs up to 12 to 20 feet long.
– Staircase is said to be made of China, it can be purchased on online shopping sites.

Earlier also, the ladder was used
by the four Pakistani terrorists in Uri, in September 2016, on the military camp, they crossed the electric circuit fence on the Line of Control. Then using the three stairs, the bridge was made on both sides of the fence.

Infiltration on the border
– 23 such places on the Line of Control where terrorists infiltrate. In summer, if the passes open, the intrusion becomes sharp.
– 210 militants were killed by the army in Kashmir in 2017.
– 72 terrorists were killed while trying to infiltrate the LoC.
– 61 young men martyred in 2017 trying to stop infiltration

Army orders court of inquiry against Maj Litul Gogoi

Tunnel digging infiltration
case of digging the tunnel for several infiltration from Pakistan has emerged. One estimate of such a tunnel is in Pakistan and the other is in the Indian territory. There is also the collusion of Pakistani army in the construction of such tunnels.

80 meter tunnel In 2016,
on November 29, 2016, the biggest tunnel was revealed on the Indo-Pak border. In the Ramgarh Sector of Samba district, the tunnel was digged 80 meters long. The terrorists had come across the tunnel through this tunnel.

BSF detected a tunnel on the border in Samba sector of February 20, 2017 in the tunnel of 20 meters  . This tunnel was 20 meters long and 2.5 feet wide.

Tunnel found in Daman In
September 2017, BSF exposed a tunnel of 14 meters between Vikram and Patel checkpoints near Damana.

BSF is in the process of acquiring tunnel technology from Israel to prevent infiltration through tunnel monitoring from tunnel technology. The manner in which Israel stops the intruders on the border of Palestine, BSF will use that technique.

infiltration of mobile networks has been invented by Pakistan for the new way of infiltrating the use of mobile networks. People in the Pak border region are being made friends through Whatsapp and Facebook. Both the Pakistani SIM and the network come within the western borders. The temptation to connect youth through social media sites and network of Pakistan is being giv

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