Tibetan clergy Dalai Lama say – Chinese people, our brothers and sisters

14th Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama expressed concern over the current education system Said that today’s materialist education system is not right. The way to live life is becoming materialistic.

The system of universal ethics based on the tradition of ancient India should be included in the current education system. In this conversation with the 80-member team from Vietnam, at his residence at McLonggun, the religious leader said this.

The Dalai Lama spoke with the followers of Vietnam’s three cities through teleconferencing. The Dalai Lama said that Tibetan pain is under severe control of China. Tibetans too have not encouraged the Tibetans to think about this, look at the negative side towards China.

The Chinese people are also our brothers and sisters. The Dalai Lama said that in today’s fortunes and materialistic life, every person has remained limited to himself. The current education system is also responsible for this.

Today, educational institutions should encourage children to study as well as physically and internally as welfare. On the subject of ‘Reality of Today World’, the Dalai Lama said that poor and their children are dying in the world due to lack of regular common needs.

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