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What is China? Large mine operation launched on Arunachal border

What is China wanting after the Doklaam controversy? Why does not he want to stop his activities completely on the border? Is he preparing to complications from India once again on the range?

At the moment, it’s clear from his attitude and activities that it is strengthening its grip on the border, which can be worrisome for India. China has launched large-scale mining operation in the adjacent Tibetan county area bordering Arunachal Pradesh.

China has begun its efforts to increase its influence and control over the border areas. On Sunday, South China Morning Post informed about it.

China is already working to remove about 60 billion dollars of gold, silver and other minerals in Lunge County adjacent to Arunachal. This time China is doing mining operations in its territory adjacent to the border, due to which there is less chance of interfering with India.

Indeed, China’s eyes are on the other border areas of India, including Arunachal Pradesh. There is no fixed limit between India and China, due to which the dispute is often born. In recent times too many incidents of intrusion has been reported by Chinese troops in India, which India has consistently opposed. Apart from this, China also violates the air border.

Just a few days back, there was a stalemate between India and China on Drumal. It lasted for almost 73 days, but later the Chinese army had to retreat and the dispute was restored. Although the dispute over the border between India and China is not yet completely over.

The border dispute remained an important issue even during the recent informal China visit of PM Modi. During this time, discussions were taken between Chinese President Xi Jinping and PM Modi to take steps on better coordination with the border.

At the same time, China claims its claim in 90,000 square kilometers of Arunachal Pradesh. He calls Arunachal Pradesh South Tibet. South China Morning Post, quoting experts, said that China has started mining operations on a broad scale on the lines of the disputed South China Sea, whose purpose is to strengthen its claim in the border areas.

Like China, disputed South China Sea, this region is also engaged in strengthening its claim. He built and controlled the island in the South China Sea. China initially made a minor start in the name of extracting minerals, but later also made military bases there.

Recently Chinese President Xi Jinping has cleared his position on the border dispute. They said that they would not leave an inch of land. Their army is ready to fight against bloodshed.

It is known that in many countries other than China, in the South China Sea, they claim their claim. America and India are also opposing China’s control in the South China Sea.

People who monitor activities in China also say that this mining operation is part of a conspiracy to control China’s Arunachal. The purpose of China’s activities in Lunge area is also a part of the effort to control the border.

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