War with Pakistan is not feasible; with China Fatal – Indian Think Tank

Indian think tank says that today the global political situation has become such that it is not possible for India to make war against Pakistan. Israel’s recent attack on the Gaza Strip of Palestine has led to deep pressure from the countries of the world on Israel that it did wrong. So India can not fight against Pakistan. And a war against China can be fatal for India because China’s military power is much better than India. Friendship with China is better at the moment. But India should make its long-term security policy in view of rapidly changing global political equations so that the country can be safe on the border around it. Avoiding eyes from the world can not be tackled by security challenges. India is trapped in the swamps in the security case. This in the context of our defense challenges in the context of neighboring countries in the net session.

Stronger Long Term Needs Policy

In a historical perspective, he said that due to American help, Pakistan is showing eyes to India today. He has molecular weapons and he understands that due to this, the Indian army can not do anything because of this. Molecular weapons are just for scare and they will continue to conspiracy. He can never cheat on. That is why India will have to deal with full confidence. To be with him also has to learn. China imposed a network around India due to its relations with Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar. It has influence in Sikkim and Tibet. I say, is the country safe today? So my answer is yes but will the country remain safe for a long time? So my answer will not be Therefore, it is very important that India should make a strong long-term policy for security reasons.

Friendship of friendship with Israel is important

In the security matters, the opinions of non-phosphor are given more attention than the Indian Army. If trying to keep the second longest community happy in the country, it would not be proper if you keep distance from countries like Israel. The national interest should be paramount. Therefore, India’s friendship with Israel is very important and important.

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