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Under an ambitious defense project, the government has started working on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the defense forces. The purpose of the project is to enhance the security forces in an important manner by equipping them with unmanned tanks , ships, aircrafts and robotic weapons. Let us tell you that China is increasingly investing in the rapidly increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in its army, in such a way that this project will be part of a comprehensive policy initiative to prepare the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy for the future war. is.

Defense Secretary (Production) Ajay Kumar said that the government has decided to launch Artificial Intelligence in all the three parts of the defense forces because it will be a ‘important area’ in view of the need for war in the future. He said that a high level workforce headed by Tata Sons chief N Chandrasekharan is finalizing the nuances and structures of the project.

The ‘Preparation of India for the War of the Next Generation’ will implement the project under the Armed Forces and Private Sector ‘Model of Partnership’. Kumar said, ‘This is India’s preparation for the next generation war. The future is of Artificial Intelligence. We need to prepare ourselves for the next generation war, which will be based on more and more tech-based, automated and robotic systems. ”

he told that like other World Powers, India has also started working on the use of artificial intelligence to strengthen the capabilities of its Armed Forces. Kumar said that automated robotic rifle would be of widespread use in the future wars as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ships and unmanned tanks and weapon systems. They said, ‘We need to build capabilities for them.’ Military sources said that the project will also include the production of a wide range of unmanned systems for the three components of the defense forces.

With pressure from AI to the soldiers on the Pakistan and China border,
he said that the defense forces are strongly pushing on the widespread use of artificial intelligence in their operation preparations like the other top global military powers. Sources said that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) under the supervision of the borders of China and Pakistan could significantly reduce the pressure on the armed forces engaged in the security of sensitive borders. China is investing billions of dollars in the study of Artificial Intelligence research and machines. Last year, he launched an ambitious scheme to make the country the center of the world in 2030 in terms of innovation of Artificial Intelligence.

America is quite ahead of
the United States, Britain, France and European Union too are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science related to the creation of skilled machines. The United States is targeting terrorists’ hideouts in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, with unmanned drones. Unmanned drones work with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Kumar said, “The world’s leading countries are working on strategies to explore the possibility of using the Artificial Intelligence for the defense forces. We are also moving forward in this direction. The special thing in this initiative is that both our industry and defense forces are working together. ”

The recommendations
that will come till June, he told that the recommendations of the Task Force will come by June and then the government will take the project forward. Defense Secretary said, “India’s information technology industry base is very strong and it will be our biggest strength in the development of Artificial Intelligence Capabilities.” Kumar, who plays a key role in furthering the project, said that a structure is being finalized. Under the project, industry and defense forces can work together to build a strong base for the Artificial Intelligence in defense systems.

He said that the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will be a major participant in the project and ‘we need to work on a model of partnership, taking full advantage of the industry’s capabilities, apart from the buyer-seller proposal . ‘ Kumar also said that there is immense potential in the use of artificial intelligence in the civilian sector and the work force is also paying attention to it.

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